Monday, December 19, 2011

Essie Go Overboard Preview

In addition to Essie's Spring 2012 Collection, A Spring To Invest In (check out the preview HERE) and their Resort 2012 Collection (no official bottle shots yet, to my knowledge), we're apparently going to get a trio called the Go Overboard Collection. Surprise Essie, awesome!

There's not a whole lot of info going around on these polishes right now as far as an official release date or anything like that. EDIT: Thanks to reader Ashesela, who alerted me that this collection is already popping up at some Target stores! Check the comment section for more info. But Essie is really pulling out all the stops lately, am I right? I love how they're not only giving us more polishes than ever before but also addressing some of the criticisms about their brand in regards to color selection and variety. Very cool!

Also cool? Since I came home for break from school last week, I just discovered there's a new Ulta right by my house. I see a visit in my very near future... Danger, Will Robinson!


  1. I am excited for these! Apparently some Target stores already carry them, as I saw in this post:

    That is so surprising, as it is still only December. I am Canadian so we don't have any of those stores here. That is great that there is an Ulta near you! Be careful... XD!!

  2. Looks like a collection I'll be buying from for sure.

  3. Definitely looks like a promising collection!

    @Ashesela: Really?! I'd never even heard of the collection until yesterday haha. Very surprising-but cool-that some places already have these available. I'll have to keep an eye on my nearby Targets!

  4. I saw swatches of these yesterday and MUST have these!


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