Tuesday, December 27, 2011

China Glaze Velvet Bow

Velvet Bow is a dark, vampy chocolate red from China Glaze's Let It Snow Collection. It's like a creme version of the legendary vampy jelly Essie Wicked. The color actually reminds me quite a bit of dried blood-creepy but true.

I did two coats for this manicure. The first time I wore this polish I got really horrible bubbling-I painted my nails in a hurry that day-but the second time I had no problems, so I'll chalk the initial bubbling up to my hastiness rather than an issue with the formula. The formula is a bit streaky though so I had to be mindful of my brushstrokes to get everything to even out smoothly.

I'm not much of a red person and this is honestly not the type of polish I'd have bought if it weren't part of a minis set I got at Sally. That being said, for what it is, Velvet Bow is quite nice. It's also a virtual dupe for the original creme version of Chanel Vamp. (The current version of Chanel Vamp is a shimmer, but the classic version now retails as Chanel Rouge Noir.)  The original Vamp, released to blockbuster sales in 1994, is perhaps best known as the polish worn by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. So if you want to get your Fox Force Five on, this is the way to do it.


  1. Its a very pretty color! I was debating whether or no to get this....Now I think I want it :/

  2. I really like this colour, and its name. :D

  3. I have this and absolutely LOVE it. I have Chanel Vamp-didn't realize it wasn't the Pulp Fiction one-damn-I got the wrong one!

  4. @Nory: As far as reds go, I gotta admit this one is pretty cool. The fact that you can get it in a minis set too is really nice.

    @Ashesela: I like the name too-and the color, of course. :)

    @Fingers: I really don't get why companies change the look of a polish but keep the same name. (ie. Vamp, OPI My Private Jet, etc.) It's so frustrating to think you're getting one color and winding up with something different!


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