Sunday, December 11, 2011

Glitter In Their Veins Badge Featuring OPI Absolutely Alice

Recently the wonderful Amanda of Amandalandish gave me her Glitter In Their Veins badge! Thanks Amanda! She knows (and you probably do as well if you read Nailed often) that I love a good glitter polish!

So as part of this badge, I have to post my favorite glitter! Hence, I thought I'd share a very, very special polish with you all today: OPI Absolutely Alice. This legendary polish really needs no introduction, but for the record, Absolutely Alice is a vibrant blue and gold glitterbomb. The dominant color here is most definitely the bright blue, but the gold gives it that little something extra, don'tcha think? This polish is so bright and rich-looking in real life!

Gorgeous, right? I wish I didn't have to show you this on my super short nails, but unfortunately I got some really awful peeling on my middle and index fingers so I had to give them all a trim. My nails hardly ever break; they're more likely to peel than any other fiascos. Regardless, the formula on Absolutely Alice was excellent. I used three coats here and I didn't have any problems with glitter straying to the edges of my nails or anything like that.

I really adore this polish; it's easily in my all-time top three. This was my biggest lemming for a long time and I finally broke down and bought it on Ebay a while back and I haven't regretted it since! (Do be careful if you buy it on Ebay though; some people make fakes-yes, sad but true-of these rarer OPI polishes so do your research first and make sure the seller is one you trust.) Absolutely Alice really is even prettier in person and I think this is one of the most beautiful polishes OPI has ever done. I just wish there were other alternatives to coughing up the extra cash to get this one on Ebay, because I think everyone should have the chance to own Absolutely Alice. Do you ever wonder why OPI doesn't make any of its glitter polishes part of their core collection? I understand the limited edition aspect encourages people to buy right away, but I think a lot of people would continually pick up a glitter as amazing as this one!

Thanks again to Amanda for giving me this badge and for giving me a chance to share my favorite glitter with you all! What's your favorite glitter polish?


  1. This looks great on you! I have this, just haven't worn it yet. I found it this summer at a beauty supply store for the price of a regular OPI. It was a random bottle so I was really surprised at the find. So far the OPI Burlesque glitters are my favorite. I just love all of the colors in each bottle. I really wish OPI would make glitters more often.

  2. Oh wow, this is a beauty!! I've never seen this polish until now! If it was still available I would definitely want to pick up a bottle. I really wish that they would either incorporate glitters into their permanent line or come out with a re-release glitter collection.

  3. I love this color on you! You're totally rocking this glitter award ;)

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