Friday, December 23, 2011

China Glaze Blonde Bombshell

This polish was part of a surprise polish giftbag given to me by my friend James! James and I have worked together for six years or so-and at two different jobs, no less! I feel old now haha. We worked together at an ice cream place and then left to go work at the same department store. He recently saw a beauty supply place that was going out of business and since he knows about my obsession blog, he picked out some polishes (China Glaze and Zoya) to give to me at work as a surprise! Thanks James! I have cool friends, what can I say?

Blonde Bombshell is part of China Glaze's latest release, the Eye Candy 3D Glitters Collection. It has two sizes of round yellow gold glitter, plus some sparse bar glitter in a similar shade of gold. The bar glitter isn't super noticeable unless you look at this polish up close, but it's a nice surprise and gives this polish a little something extra.

Blonde Bombshell's formula is a bit thick; not enough so that I would thin it but still enough that I noticed some drag. This polish is very Vegas showgirl to me; it's glamorous, flashy and fun. I'm glad I have this one in my stash since I don't have a whole lot of gold polishes, especially gold glitters. You could easily layer this if you wanted to go for a different look and maybe bring out each individual type of glitter in this polish more, but it also looks really lovely on its own.


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