Tuesday, December 6, 2011

China Glaze Early 2012 Preview

So China Glaze announced two early 2012 collections the other day. The first is a line glitter crackles and the other is an all-glitter collection called Prismatic Chroma Glitters. I'm not sure if the Chroma Glitters will have anything different about them than regular glitters. Maybe there will be some holo goodness in the mix? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Here are the press shots!



Gleam Me Up

Luminous Lavender

And now on to the Prismatic Chroma Glitters...

Optical Illusion

Full Spectrum


Liquid Crystal



Glitter sure has been everywhere lately, hasn't it? Still, I'm a sucker for anything glitter-related so I'll be keeping an eye out for swatches of these. I could maybe even be persuaded to buy a glitter crackle or two, even though like a lot of you I'm kind of done with crackle/shatter/texture coats/whatever it is we're calling them now.

Did any of these spark your interest? Or are you all glittered and crackled out?


  1. I'm really looking forward to the Prismatic collection!! Looks great! :D

  2. so excited for the prismatic glitters... i'm already stocking up on tin foil;]

  3. I'm excited for the Prismatic collection the most and even though I'm tired of crackles by now, I'll probably grab at least two from that collection. They look like they could be interesting but swatches will be the deciding factor for me.

  4. Agreed with all of you, Prismatic catches my eye the most and China Glaze really knows how to do glitter well! Melissa, I also think swatches of the glitter crackles will determine how many I buy but I probably will wind up with at least one.

  5. Crackles have never appealed to me, but what I'm over at this point is seeing beautiful bottles only to realize that they are crackle formulas! Those crackle glitter colors are my favorite kinds of shades, but I wish they came in a traditional formula, too!

  6. @Emily: I would love it if these came as regular glitters as well! I definitely know what you mean about just wanting the regular formulas instead of having to do a crackle mani anytime you want that color.

  7. As of earlier this month, I heard from CG PR that the Glitter Crackles aren't happening.

  8. @The Nail Files: Hmmmm, interesting... I wouldn't be like, devastated if they didn't happen but it'd be cool to have one or two of them.

  9. Those Prismatics look Ah-may-zing!! Definitely want those.


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