Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Anne

I find Tudor era English history extremely fascinating, so I was thrilled when Rescue Beauty Lounge announced they were bringing back their Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty Collection, featuring nail polishes named for four of Henry VIII's six wives. (But where is the love for Anne of Cleaves and Catherine Parr? Apparently the upcoming Fan Collection will at least feature a polish named for Anne Boleyn's sister Mary.) Anne, named of course for Henry's second wife, the infamous Anne Boleyn, is a muddy olive green with pink and gold shimmer. It sounds like that combo might not work, but it actually makes for a very unique and surprisingly cohesive look!

I love this polish, both because it's an excellent color with a stellar formula and because it's a great collector's item for the lacquerhead or history buff in your life-or for yourself, of course! I used three coats of Anne here and wore it for three days with no chips and virtually no tipwear! RBL is expensive but definitely a quality polish.

Anne leans a bit more brown on me but I've seen it look more green on others, it all just depends on your skin tone and the base color actually changes quite a bit in different lighting. The pink/gold shimmer is subtle but adds a lot of depth to this polish. This is a pretty unique and complex shade; there's something almost mysterious about it. It's different but still sophisticated.

I'm so glad they brought this one back! You can still pick up Anne at the RBL website as part of their Bring It Back series (but Anne's limited edition so act quickly if you want to make sure you nab her) and the rest of the queens-Jane, Catherine and Catherine H-will be joining her in January!


  1. This is a lovely polish, and very unique! I would never think to pair pink shimmer with that base colour!

  2. love this oneeeee. also love the Tudor era, so fascinating. there's gonna be a mary in the fan collection?? i hope it's as interesting as anne!!

  3. Ugh, your pictures make me die. I'm so glad I ordered this one now! :)

  4. @Ashesela: Definitely a unique combo. I'm surprised too how well the different elements work together!

    @Sarah: Yes! In the original submission, it's described as a subdued turquoise with gold shimmer and pink microglitter! I'm not sure if it will just be called "Mary" or if they'll name it something else.

    @Rach: Thanks! Your swatches made me decide I needed Jane in my life. :)

    @Polish and Charms: Thank you! It looks so complex in real life.

    @Nory: Thanks! I love it!

  5. I actually bought this when it first came out and hated it! I gave it away to someone who really loves it! It looks good here though-maybe I should rethink this!

  6. @Fingers: At least whoever you gave it away to was a very lucky lady to get some free RBL! :)


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