Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comparison Post: Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie Vs. Sally Hansen Grape Going!

You may remember that I originally bought Sally Hansen Grape Going (swatches HERE) because it looks a bit like the legendary Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie (which you can see HERE). Well now that I have the actual Scrangie in my collection thanks to RBL's Bring It Back sale, I thought I'd bust out a comparison post to see just how similar these two really are.

Grape Going! is a purple duochrome that has a blue shift to it. It's part of Sally Hansen's Insta Dry line and you can find it at virtually any drugstore for around $4. Scrangie is purple with iridescent blue-green shimmer. You can only purchase it online for $18 at RBL's website. Here I have Sally Hansen on my index and ring fingers and Scrangie on my middle and pinky fingers.

They don't look as close in person as they do in these photos; you know how cameras are with the color purple. I'd say the first picture is the most color-accurate. Scrangie is much more of a red-based purple while Grape Going! is much more blue-based. Grape Going!'s base is darker than Scrangie's as well. Grape Going! also has a more blue shimmer to it that gives off a duochrome effect, while Scrangie's shimmer is more green and is more of a traditional shimmer look rather than a duochrome, although the shimmer does shift from blue to green.

Formula-wise, Rescue Beauty Lounge is far superior. I normally find the formulas on Sally Hansen polishes to be extremely good, but for some reason Grape Going! just would not cooperate the first two times I did my nails with this polish. It's runny and watery. Since I've learned my lesson, I was extra careful about wiping down the brush every time with Grape Going! so I didn't make a mess this time. I used three coats here. Scrangie, meanwhile, was a worry-free two coats.

So are these dupes? No. The look each polish gives off is quite different in real life, although both are very pretty. I personally prefer Scrangie but Grape Going! is probably the closest you can get to the RBL look without paying the costly RBL price. Do any of you know of some other polishes that might be similar to Scrangie? It seems to be pretty unique!


  1. Thanks for the comparison. I was hoping SH Grape Going would be close enough where I didn't need Scrangie. Looks like I still need it LOL :)

  2. maybe Brucci's Typhoon Lagoon can be closer?? i'm not too sure. they're both really pretty though!

  3. Both are beautiful, but I would have to say Scrangie is my favorite! :D


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