Monday, December 19, 2011

China Glaze Summer 2012 Preview

Good gracious it seems like China Glaze will be releasing a LOT of collections in 2012! There is just too much awesome stuff to keep up with-but hey, that's a problem I like to have! Now, I've already shown you what's on the docket for early 2012 (check it out HERE) and spring (Magnetix and Electropop Collection previews HERE and the long-awaited official Hunger Games promo HERE). I have updated all of the previews with names and individual bottle shots (except Hunger Games, which already had names-albeit new ones I like less than the old ones...), so check those out again if you saw them before!

First up we've got the Summer Neons Collection. China Glaze has done several other neon sets in the past, but let's check out the latest additions.

 Love's A Beach

Hang Ten Toes

Beach Cruiser

Under The Boardwalk

Ride The Waves

Splish Splash

I'm With The Lifeguard


Orange You Hot

Surfin' For Boys

China Glaze Flirty Tankini

Pink Plumeria

A lot of these look pretty similar to some of the colors already in China Glaze's cavalcade of neons, but China Glaze does do a great job with their neon shades so I'll reserve judgment until I see these in person. Clearly these would be marvelous for the beach though. I can already picture myself sporting some neon pink, sand-covered toes! Yes, I know it's December. Sigh...
Next up is the On Safari Collection, not to be confused with the discontinued HTF polish China Glaze Out On Safari or the old African Safari Collection from whence it came. I haven't seen much talk about On Safari yet, so it's either just breaking or it's not officially confirmed yet. I'm thinking this is real though because really, who else but nail polish PR workers could come up with such pun-laden names? ;) Regardless, here's what I managed to dig up. My journalism professors would be proud...kind of, haha.

Adventure Red-y

Call Of The Wild

Desert Sun

Elephant Walk

Exotic Encounter

I Herd That

I'm Not Lion

Jungle Queen

Kalahari Kiss


Prey Tell

Purr-fect Plum

On Safari looks perfect (Or should I say "purr-fect"? Oh China Glaze, you are walking down a dangerous road... Just ask OPI.) for fall! I'm not crazy about the puns, but I looovveee these colors! The upcoming year in polish just keeps getting better and better!


  1. ahhh, under the boardwalk and ride the waves need to be mine now. also, ALL of the on safari collection haha

  2. Other than the glitters, I need all of the On Safari collection!

  3. The safari collection would transition really well into the fall months! Thank you for the peek at these upcoming collections! :D

  4. @Sarah: I haven't really made a decision yet which neons I want but OMG YES Safari, I need them all...or at least the majority of them!

    @Rach: I am right there with you haha.

    @TopCoatIt: The glitters don't look like anything super special but I will get them anyways, because I have a problem haha.

    @Ashesela: Agreed! I'm kind of surprised this is for summer, not fall, since the colors look very rich and are more like the shades popular in fall fashion. And you're welcome! :)

  5. Wow! So Pretty Came Here by Accident =]


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