Thursday, December 15, 2011

Essie Aruba Blue

I showed you Essie Shine of the Times over Aruba Blue the other day (you can check out that gorgeousness HERE) so I figured I would also take some snaps of Aruba Blue by itself since it really is such a pretty blue. Aruba Blue is an intense cobalt blue shimmer. It's got a wonderfully glossy formula and great color pay-off. I didn't use a topcoat here and just look how ridiculously shiny it is on its own!

I didn't have to do ANY clean-up for this mani. None. Even on my right hand, which is normally kind of a mess after I paint it. I dunno if it's because the Seche Vite basecoat I put underneath Aruba Blue made it go on extra smooth or if the formula really is just that marvelous; I always wear a basecoat with very pigmented blues like this since stains are no fun. I'm happy to report, by the way, that I didn't have any staining with this polish.

After the untoppable China Glaze Frostbite-check that one out HERE as long as you promise to be gentle since these swatches are a little older :) -I'd say this is my favorite electric blue. Plus it's part of Essie's core line so it's super easy to find. Every girl needs a good blue when the weather starts to get cold and icy outside!


  1. Gorgeous!!! Wow, is it ever shiny on its own!! :O Oooh China Glaze Frostbite is a beautiful blue!! ^-^

  2. I almost got this one last week but chose dive bar instead, hoping the duochrome would be as amazing on my nails as it was in the bottle. This blue reminds me a bit of Calvin Klein's Indigo blue (I think I posted a picture of it but am not sure).

  3. I don't really like shiny colors like this. i prefer the matte look on nails, especially from essie polishes. This color looks good on you though!

  4. Seriously an amazing blue, I'm glad you girls like it!

    @Leann: I'm curious now as to how this would look matte! Maybe I'll try it!

    @greeneyespinknails: It does look kind of like Indigo Blue now that you mention it. Maybe the Essie is a bit darker but definitely similar ideas!


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