Saturday, December 3, 2011

Revlon Mistletoe

Revlon Mistletoe is one of the company's new holiday polishes and the only one from their latest set that really caught my eye. Plus there was a $1 off coupon right on the display! Score! I'm really impressed with Revlon lately. I got two of their new lip butters-in Sweet Tart and Candy Apple-and they are the best! Let's see if Mistletoe passes the test as well...

Mistletoe is a very dark green with gold shimmer. This is kind of like a greener version of the recently buzzed about L'Oreal Owl's Night (swatches HERE). The green in Mistletoe is more like a blackened olive green, not a Christmas green. In fact, once I had this polish on, it didn't really strike me as very "holiday." I think this would make a much better fall collection polish than a winter one. But that's fine; it's still really beautiful!

 And one with flash...

Wanna hear a really nerdy description of this polish? I keep thinking this color is what dragon skin might look like. Someone's been watching a little too much "Game of Thrones"...

Anyways, Mistletoe's formula is on the thick side but cooperative overall. I used two coats here. I think this is the polish to get from Revlon's holiday collection. I do wish it were a touch more green, then I would be completely head over heels with this one. But as it stands, this is a very lovely polish that I'm extremely glad to have in my collection. It looks like it might be close to Zoya Edyta, but since I don't have that one in my stash to compare, it's just guessing on my part. Do any of you ladies have both Edyta and Mistletoe? If so, please let me know in the comments if they look like dupes to you!


  1. I find this polish really interesting. It doesn't exactly strike me as a typical Christmas color, but that's kind of what I like about it. It's unexpected, but still beautiful. I might have to go and get myself a bottle of this eventually.

  2. Another blogger got this polish for me in s swap and I can't wait to try it! I like those dark but sparkly greens :)

  3. @Melissa: Agreed, it's not what I would think of for a Christmas polish but it's still so gorgeous!

    @Sabine: I think you will love it! Colors like this one are always some of my favorites. :)

  4. Dragon Skin! That's funny : ) Love this color, I may have to pick it up next time I see it!

  5. love this color. LOVELOVELOVE game of thrones. the books are so good, and i can't wait for the next season!!

  6. I am so in love with this polish, I can't get enough! So festive, but not your typical "pine green" color. It looks fantastic on you =)


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