Saturday, December 17, 2011

China Glaze Ring In The Red

I've got another pick from China Glaze's Let It Snow Collection to show you all today: Ring In The Red. Ring In The Red is a red (obviously) glitter with both microglitter and medium-sized glitter particles. This polish is a bit sheer on its own, so I thought I would make it more opaque (and save some polish) by layering it over a simple red creme. I chose one coat of Revlon Red as my base then put two coats of Ring In The Red on top.

Then with flash...

Now THESE are some Jessica Rabbit nails! I really had high hopes for Deborah Lippmann's Jessica Rabbit-inspired Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? but I was disappointed with swatches I saw of it. If you're in the same boat, maybe Ring In The Red will help! The formula was excellent and although I'm not much of a red girl normally, I do think there is something particularly feminine and appealing about red glitter. Or hey, maybe I'm just wild about glitter no matter what the color haha.

For the record, this is what Revlon Red looks like on its own. It's not quite as retina-searingly bright as my camera chose to capture it here, but it's still a vibrant cherry red creme. Like I said, this polish is a one-coater too! Not a unique color by any means but nice all the same.


  1. Ring In The Red is pretty! I'm kind of considering getting it, although I'm not really a red polish person. I could make an exception for it.

  2. @Melissa: I wasn't terribly excited about it when I first got it but now I really do like it! I think the best deal is to get it as part of the Santa's Little Helpers mini set they have at Sally--that's what I did, at least. You get for .35 oz polishes for about eight bucks!

  3. love this combo. I'm sooo not a red person, but red glitter gets me every time!

  4. Lovely red glitter! And I love Revlon Red! So festive : )

  5. @Sarah: Thanks! I am the same way. Anything with glitter I'm pretty much sold.

    @Anne: Thank you! Revlon Red is my go-to red creme and while I don't wear it too often, it's marvelous as a pallete cleanse and it's just classic!

  6. This is my favorite from this collection!


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