Saturday, December 10, 2011

Essie Pure Pearlfection

I originally wasn't sure if I needed Pure Pearlfection since I thought it might be a little boring compared to the stunning Shine Of the Times (which you can see HERE) and As Gold As It Gets (check that one out HERE). But I decided to grab it anyways and now I'm so glad I did because it is anything but boring!

Pure Pearlfection is an iridescent shimmer that, as the name implies, creates a pearly look. But this is more than just silvery shimmer. There are also little sparkles of green, pink and purple in this polish and I bet you'd see a few other colors based on what you layer this over. For my first manicure with Pure Pearlfection, I layered one coat of it over three coats of OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees, a charcoal grey creme with a little hint of blue to it.

 You can really see all the different colors here!
 And the bottle...

Amazing, right? While I had this mani on, I kept thinking the effect looked a little like the crazy intense shimmer of the much sought after Chanel Graphite. So I thought I'd bust out Carbonite, Revlon's version of Graphite, and see how it looked with some extra Luxeffects fun on top. Carbonite is pretty close to Graphite but it lacks that extra kick of shimmer and shine Graphite has. So here is two coats of Carbonite with one coat of Pure Pearlfection over it.

And for reference, this is Carbonite alone. It's a great polish and I still see several bottles every now and again so it's not too late to grab this one!

And this is Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees by itself. This is part of OPI's permanent line so it's not difficult to find.

This is getting to be a ridiculously long post so I'll just wrap things up by saying Pure Pearlfection is another smash hit from Luxeffects. Shine Of The Times remains the obvious must-have but As Gold As It Gets and Pure Pearlfection are extremely beautiful as well! You really can't go wrong with this collection. I've only got A Cut Above left to try and so far I'm obsessed with every single one of the Luxeffects polishes!


  1. Man, this collection is a stunner!! I still haven't seen any of these polishes in real life yet!! >:( Beautiful swatches! ^-^

  2. @Ashesela: Thanks! This collection seems to be just hitting the shelves over where I live so hopefully you'll spot them soon! It really is a fantastic collection-possibly the best Essie's ever done, if you ask me.


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