Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comparison Post: Essie Bangle Jangle vs. Essie Lilacism

In my swatches for Essie Bangle Jangle, I mentioned that it's like a grimier version of another Essie polish, Lilacism. Liliacism came out with the Art of Spring Collection a little while back but it's now a part of Essie's core retail line. My former roomie and fellow polish lover Kelly asked me if Lilacism was close enough to not need Bangle Jangle, so I decided to do a quick comparison post so she could see the polishes together for herself and share it here if anyone else was curious about these two polishes. So here they are!

Index and ring finger: two coats of Bangle Jangle
Middle and pinky finger: three coats of Lilacism

As you can see, they are quite different, much more so than I originally thought from just looking at the bottles. They both have this nice, muted quality to them but Bangle Jangle is quite a bit darker and doesn't have the pastel hue to it that Lilacism does. They are both cool-toned lavenders but Bangle Jangle has a lot more grey in it. Formula-wise, Lilacism is the more sheer polish and I had to use three coats versus Bangle Jangle's two. Lilacism is not as runny as I remember it being though and I didn't have any problems with it streaking, which can tend to happen with pastels.

I originally didn't get Bangle Jangle because I thought it would be much closer to Lilacism than it actually is. Bangle Jangle is definitely darker on the nail than it appears in the bottle. If you already have one of these polishes, I feel there is a distinct difference between the two shades to justify owning the other one-and I like them both! I'd say they are like cousin polishes, but not close enough to be sisters; one is the spring version and the other is the winter version. :) I hope my first comparison post has been helpful!


  1. Very helpful! Thanks!! I think I will indeed get Bangle Jangle!!

  2. Oh wow, I didn't realize how close Bangle Jangle was to Zoya Caitlin. I totally thought it more in the Lilacism family. Thanks for the comparison!

  3. @Kelly: Glad this helped you! :)

    @Amanda: It reminds me of Zoya Caitlin a lot too! I was definitely surprised how much closer it is to that than to Lilacism.


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