Monday, November 28, 2011

China Glaze Twinkle Lights

I picked up China Glaze Twinkle Lights in the Santa's Little Helpers minis set, which also comes with 0.35 oz. bottles of Velvet Bow, Holly-Day and Ring In The Red. With my Sally Card it cost me like eight dollars for the whole set and the bottles aren't that much smaller than the full-size ones. Talk about a deal!

Twinkle Lights is a mix of gold, red and green glitter. I think it just may be the perfect Christmas polish!

The formula on this was just okay. I encountered a lot of drag using this and it seemed like I kept getting more clear base than glitter at first. I finally had to close the polish back up and shake it up again between coats and that seemed to do the trick. It wasn't awful to work with, just bothersome. I haven't read anything else from people saying they had issues with this one. Maybe I just got a wonky bottle?

Despite the annoyance with the formula, I still think this is a very cute, festive polish for the holidays. I wore this polish in honor of when I worked at my department store job during our Black Friday sale, which I mentioned in this post, since I thought it was an appropriate holiday touch. I was surprised by how many compliments I got on this polish-not just from women but also from a lot of men too, some of whom asked me to write down the polish name so they could get it for their wives. I'm not really used to people commenting much on my nails-other than my fellow polish obsessees, of course-so it was kind of fun.

What are some of your favorite holiday polishes? Is there a polish in your collection that seems to nab you a lot of compliments when you wear it? I'd love to hear them! :)


  1. I haven't worn mine yet, but I love looking at the colors in the bottle. It makes me excited for Christmas. Great review!

  2. so cute for the holidays:] i want to layer last year's party hearty on it!

  3. Glad you all like it! :) It's seriously adorable for Christmas.

  4. "Accidentally" saw my mom buy me this for Christmas. I love it! I just need to try a new method for removing glitters.

  5. Hi. Just found your blog. Lovely nail polish colour for Christmas.

  6. @Kirsten: Lucky you! I can't imagine either of my parents buying me any more polish haha. But at least she picked a good one for you!

    @Beautyshades: Welcome! :)

  7. @Kirsten

    Also, have you tried the foil method yet? It seems like a lot of work at first but it is a godsend!


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