Sunday, November 6, 2011

OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not

I've had this one in my stash since forever, but I've never gotten around to trying it. So I finally gave it a shot today. Louvre Me Louvre Me Not is a red-leaning purple shimmer from the 2008 France Collection. I think the best way to describe this color would be something akin to Barney purple. It's too light to be eggplant but it's still on the darker end of the purple spectrum. The shimmer is fairly subtle and it shows up more in the first picture than it normally does in real life; the second picture is the most color accurate.

The formula on this was just okay. It was a little runny and I needed three coats-four on some nails-to cover up some streaky bald patches. I was kind of "meh" on this color when I first put it on but it grew on me after a bit to the point where I like this color but don't see it becoming one of my absolute favorites. I enjoy the shimmer in this one-it gives the color a little spark of life-but I wish it was a touch more pronounced. Louvre Me Louvre Me Not isn't core and the only time I've seen it in a store was the time I bought it, but it's still easy to find online for a regular retail price.

I also rocked another purple this weekend, the beautiful OPI Road House Blues, so you can check out some new and improved swatches of it plus some updated commentary at my original Road House Blues post HERE, if you are so inclined. It's my favorite shade (and one of only two I that I bought) from the admittedly lackluster Touring America Collection.


  1. i like this color! i can picture this with 1 coat of Fairy Dust! . looovee! :)

  2. @Maria

    Ooo, I like that idea, I think it would give the shimmer a big kick! I'll have to try it next time!

  3. This is a nice one; it suits you well!

  4. @greeneyespinknails

    Thank you! It really grew on me after a while.


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