Friday, November 11, 2011

Nicole By OPI My Sleigh's In The Shop

My Sleigh's In The Shop is one of four limited edition Nicole by OPI glitters that will be available exclusively at Target this holiday season. These have been at my Target for a few weeks now and since I have a professed weakness for glitter, I got them all. My Sleigh's In The Shop is a bright magenta with some gold mixed in. This polish is incredibly beautiful and it's right on par with the Alice in Wonderland and Burlesque glitterbombs OPI gave us last year.

Photos really don't do this polish any justice. It's much more vibrant in real life and so shiny that I had a hard time photographing it. My camera also kept wanting to make this look pink-ish, but it's actually magenta. I tried photographing it in so many different lights but I just couldn't nail (no pun intended) this one down. I'd say the first pic is the most color accurate though.

The formula was excellent. I did three coats here but you could certainly do less depending on how you like to wear your glitter. Personally I like these types of polishes to be super opaque, almost like a jewel-encrusted look, so I threw on a third coat even though I probably could have stopped at two. This dries with a bit of a dull finish to it, so you'll definitely want to add topcoat to eliminate grit and really bring those sparkles to life. I used one coat of Seche Vite here, which gave me an even texture and great shine.

I really liked the Muppets glitters but these glitterbombs with oodles of small, round glitter are still my favorite style of OPI glitter. These are absolute must-haves if you're gaga for glitter like me. The entire collection is to die for!

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