Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Studio M Tru Passion

Just like I added a touch of bling to my Cocktail Bling manicure (swatches HERE), after wearing Bangle Jangle alone for a day (which you can see HERE), I decided to add some sparkles to it as well. I used one coat of Studio M Tru Passion and I think it looks so cute! I like how the dustiness of these Cocktail Bling polishes really make layered glitters pop.

Tru Passion's stellar formula was extremely cooperative-not thick, not runny, but just right. I used one coat of Tru Passion, which went on very smoothly over two coats of Essie Bangle Jangle. You could easily wear this polish alone though, because it has great opacity and would probably cover completely in just two coats. I originally was just going to use Tru Passion as an accent nail but I liked this combo so much that I made it into an entire mani!

If you're not familiar with Studio M, they're made by the same manufacturer as Color Club and sometimes the two brands even share colors and color names. This polish originally came from the Color Club Glitter Vixen Collection. Studio M polishes are exclusive to Meijer and retail for $2.99 each.

Since I live in Michigan, there are Meijer stores everywhere here, but unfortunately if you live outside the Midwest, Studio M polishes aren't very easy to come by. Look for this brand next time you are in a Meijer though! I really like the Studio M polishes I've tried. The bottles may look extremely dated, but they hold good things inside. :) My Meijer also just recently started carrying Color Club shatter polishes as well. Maybe they will add more Color Club in the future?


  1. love this combination!! i agree, the dustiness of the essie is gorgeous with the glitter:]

  2. @SeeSarahSwatch

    Thank you! I think they make for an excellent pair, if I do say so myself. :) This was one of those manicures I kept glancing at while driving haha.


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