Thursday, November 10, 2011

Butter London Wallis

This is the polish that started my love affair with my beloved Butter: Wallis. A tarnished olive gold, Wallis is a true beauty and quite unique; I'd compare it to if Orly It's Not Rocket Science (swatches HERE) and OPI At Your Quebec and Call had a baby. Since I own and love both those polishes, naturally I adore Wallis! Like all Butter London polishes, Wallis has a British-themed name, this time named in honor of Wallis Simpson, the American woman King Edward VIII abdicated his throne for and one of the most controversial females in British history.

Wallis was my first Butter and remains a huge favorite of mine. It's one of those kind of ugly-beautiful colors I'm so nuts about, although personally I don't think there is anything ugly about Wallis; she is a hands-down stunner! This polish can look predominantly gold or green, depending on the light you're in. But Wallis isn't duochrome, just complex...and utterly gorgeous.

This was three coats. You could probably get away with two but I did three just because I wanted to make this completely vibrant and opaque. The formula is very cooperative and I barely had to do any clean-up for this manicure.

I love, love, love this polish! It has this antiqued look to it that's very unique and interesting. I can't think of another polish quite like it. If you're a fan of ugly-pretty polishes, like me and my undying love for swamp greens, Wallis is a must-have. If you're starting a Butter London collection, might I suggest Wallis as your first pick? :) I think you'll love her-and the brand itself-just as much as I do.


  1. i LOVE this on you! It's my favorite butter london:]

  2. I bought this polish last week and can't wait to try it. The color is fabulous and so unique. Nice swatches!

  3. oh wow, amazing color! supper pretty , but Butter London is way to pricey here in germany!

  4. Thanks ladies! Wallis is definitely one of my favorite polishes.


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