Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OPI Gone Gonzo!

Hi everyone! Hope your week is off to a good start! A big thanks to all of you who voted in my poll. I truly appreciate your input and I will do my absolute best to take your votes into account! I'll leave the results up for a few days so you can see how it all went down. I was a little surprised OPI won just because I already show a lot of it on here and I was afraid you guys would be sick of it but that's a-okay with me if you want to see more! Overall though I will do my best to show you a big variety from all the brands I listed. But I may run into a little trouble with Zoya, which tied with China Glaze for second place, because I don't have very many in my collection right now! The only reason I don't have a lot is because Zoya are hard to come across where I live. So clearly you guys are trying to enable me to buy more. :)

Anyways, Gone Gonzo! is the last of my Muppets polishes I have to show you. Gone Gonzo! has a clear base with mix of light blue round glitter and larger silver hexagon glitter. It's the blue variation of the same concept we've seen throughout the Muppets collection's glitters. (You can check out its green sister, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, HERE.)

Formula-wise, Gone Gonzo! is identical to Fresh Frog and Rainbow Connection (swatches HERE), the other clear-based glitters I got from this collection, meaning it's very smooth and manageable. I used four coats here, the same as the other two, so it does take some extra layers to build up opacity if you want to wear these glitters alone. Despite the extra coats though, I didn't have to wait any extra time between applying each one for the glitter pieces to stay in place, so that was a nice plus. You could easily layer these over something else though too if you don't want to do the extra coats or just want a different look.

My only real complaint with these clear-based glitters is that even with the foil method, they are a bitch to remove. The foil method gets rid of the round glitter easily but those larger hexagon pieces just do not want to budge. I've usually wound up having to scrub them or just pick the remaining ones off my nails.

But overall, I love this collection and I think there is something for everyone in it. Based solely on my personal experiences, I'd say the must-haves from this collection are Warm and Fozzie (check it out HERE) and Excuse Moi! (seen HERE) But honestly I'm really happy with all of the polishes I got from this collection. They are all beautiful in their own way so I think it just depends on which colors and finishes you like best. I'm not disappointed with a single one! So take your pick(s), ladies-I think you'll wind up with something you really like. :)


  1. I have gone gonzo too and a few others from the muppets collection. The only one I regret not getting is warm and fozzie...but its not too late to change that :) And I agree with the foil method, its much better than just scrubbing, but its not 100% effective especially on hex glitters.

  2. @Frosso: Definitely pick up Warm and Fozzie! It's so beautiful and wound up being one of my favorites from this collection. And yes, someone definitely needs to find a way to deal with these hex glitters!


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