Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Share The Love: Amandalandish's Guest Post, Day 3

Hey everyone!  Today I've got another lovely guest post to share with you, this time from the wonderful Amanda over at Amandalandish. She's created a gorgeous combo for us all to ogle! I'm doing a guest post over on Top Coat It today, so stop on by to check out my swatches of Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver. Also, don't forget to check out ALL the ladies involved in these guest posts!

 Take it away, Amanda!
Hiya!  Thank you for reading me over here at Chelsea's Nailed Blog!  And thank you, Chelsea, for hosting me :)

Today is Day 3 of my 5 Days of Greys circling through all the lovely Share the Love blogs.  I have for you today something I don't typically do: polish layering.

Anyone who reads my blog will know that I am a die-hard Sally Hansen fangirl.  I think their (her?) polishes are ridiculously great.  Wet Cement is no exception.  A lighter grey with beige-y undertones, this always seemed more unique than most greys to me.  There's no bells or whistles in this bottle, so I think what makes this difference is the jelly nature of the polish.  It actually makes the polish look like wet cement.  Kudos to the naming department, I guess.

With flash, this pulls very blue and creme-like, which it isn't.

But then I got a bit adventurous.  Well, adventurous for me.  I'm a polish purist: no nail art, no jelly sandwiches, no glitter, no layers.  But for some reason Milani HD seemed more of a layering polish than an actual base that would need like 4 coats to build up.  It's semi-opaque, but with one coat over Wet Cement, it made my hands look diamond encrusted.

As you can see from the blurred last two pictures, this holo isn't particularly strong and certainly not linear.  Either way, I still like this as a silver holo and am happy I used this to layer (although I can't say I'll be doing anymore layering anytime soon!).
Happy day before Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned to Day 4 of my 5 Days of Greys over at See Sarah Swatch!


  1. Very pretty! I love to layer glitter, you might like Northern Lights by out the door. It adds a little sparkle, but it's not overwhelming!

  2. @Polish and Charms

    I've heard so many good things about Out The Door products. I'm thinking of giving one a shot next time I'm at Sally!

  3. Ooh I really like the silver. in the Milani, I just purchased that holographic in the purple and its a very pretty. I found that pictures just did not work well, didn't quite do it justice. Great Post!
    -from a fellow blogger, Amanda


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