Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review: Topsie Nail Polish Bottle Opener

It's every polish lover's worst nightmare: that bottle that just WILL. NOT. OPEN. I cannot tell you how many different tricks and tools I've resorted to in an attempt to pry open a bottle of polish: hot water, rubber bands, pliers, you name it. The worst is when you have those bottles that have been virtually welded shut when some polish has dried inside the lid. UGH! Usually my poor boyfriend is the one who has to struggle to open those bottles for me. I know one is really stuck when he asks, "You don't mind if there's bite marks on the cap, do you?"

While I appreciate his efforts to keep me and my polish addiction happy, he's going to be out of the bottle opener job (I'm sure he's crushed) now that I have Topsie! Topsie is a universal rubber bottle opener that helps un-stick even the most stubborn nail polish bottles. It's made of silicon rubber, so it's very grippy and helps you easily pry open the bottle. Topsie's inventor, Rob, makes them in all kinds of colors. Gotta love all that glitter!

As for the product itself, Topsie is extremely simple to use. All you do is slide the bottle cap into the rubber opening, like so:

As you push the cap into the Topsie, the rubber expands around the cap and clamps firmly around it. Once the cap is completely enveloped by the rubber, give it a good twist and presto! Quick, simple and painless.

The opening is stretchy enough that it will easily accommodate different cap sizes. I tried Topsie with a variety of polish brands and all of the caps were able to fit. It works with square bottles like Butter London too:

I've also used it to open beverages with a metal twist-cap top, as well as this one really stubborn bottle of facial serum I hadn't been able to get open for some time now. All you have to do is adjust how far you push the top inside of the rubber and then really, you can open just about anything!

If you need an extra firm grip on something, Rob suggested using two Topsies at once: one on the top and one on the bottle, the rationale being that the more surface contact you have, the easier something is to open. I was able to open every bottle I tried using just one Topsie though--like I said, it's super grippy! (Totally a word.)

Overall, this is a really nifty little tool. I am seriously impressed with how well Topsie works and I think just about any nail addict would rejoice over finally having an easy solution to stuck bottles!  It's a pretty ingenious product and I can't believe someone hadn't thought of it sooner!

Rob is in the process of setting up a website for Topsie and he hopes to launch a Kickstarter campaign in early January to raise funds for mass production of the Topsie. The anticipated retail price would be between $5 and $10. You can check out Topsie on Twitter if you'd like to learn more!

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for my honest review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. I concur, grippy is definitely a word.

  2. I've never had a huge problem opening bottles but that is a genius idea.

    1. I am honestly shocked no one had thought to come up with something like this yet! It works sooooo much better than all the other tricks and tips I've tried before for opening bottles.

  3. This sounds like an awesome product! There's one indie in my collection that I always have the hardest time opening. It's fine after I open it, which takes so much effort to do, but it eventually goes back to being hard to open.

    1. That's so strange that it's that one bottle! I wonder if it's something about the particular cap/bottle design that brand uses? I dunno, just a guess, haha. :)

  4. Whoa! This is such an awesome item to have! I know there have been times where this would have come in handy!

  5. This looks awesome! I have 3 bottles of polish I'm loving/hating because they're so pretty but always manage to be so hard to open. >_<


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