Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sephora by OPI Rumba Romance

Hi everyone! How is your pre-Halloween weekend going? I hope you all have had fun so far because I know I have! Also, today is your last day to vote in my poll, so get those votes in if you haven't already! :)

I've got a first for you today: a Sephora by OPI polish. I don't own any myself, as I think they're kind of overpriced, so this one was on loan to me from my friend Kaley's stash. Rumba Romance is a warm-toned bronze shade. I'd say color-wise it falls on the spectrum between OPI Take The Stage and OPI Rising Star, both from last year's Burlesque collection. Excuse the yellow-y apartment lighting; Rumba Romance leans a bit more orange in real life but otherwise I think these pics are pretty close to how it appears in real life.

The formula on this was quite nice. I had a little bit of trouble with some bald spots but three coats seemed to be enough to cover everything up. I'm holding my Seche bottle since the polish bottle was already back at my friend's place when I took these pics. Overall my first experience with a Sephora by OPI polish was a good one, but I still think these polishes are overpriced; they're abbreviated as $OPI in the blogosphere for a reason. (If you're not familiar with $OPI polishes, they cost more than actual OPI does.) My friend got hers on clearance for five bucks and I think that'd be a more reasonable price for these.

What are you planning on wearing on your nails for Halloween? I'm thinking about doing candy corn nails but I am so painfully awful at nail art, you guys-even simple stuff! I just don't have the art gene I guess. If all else fails I will probably wear Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice, which I've been meaning to try.

Now I'll leave you with a bonus kitty pic! My friends and I saw these little kitties at the orchard we went to the other day. Aren't they adorable?! They were free to a good home and I totally wanted one, but I don't think my two corgis would have appreciated that. :) My friend Kaley (the same one who lent me Rumba Romance) is holding the kitten here. She has an Ulta polish on her nails in this picture but I can't remember the name of it. Gah! (EDIT: Kaley says it's called Mint Condition!)


  1. That polish was called Mint Condition :)

  2. @Kaley

    Thank you! I should've just texted you to ask, but I figured you'd see it on here and could correct me. I fixed it in the post now. :)


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