Friday, October 14, 2011

Orly Rock The World

So today I've got my last Mineral FX swatch for you: Rock The World. This is one of the many, many variations of Zoya Faye/OPI Rally Pretty Pink/OPI It's MY Year, etc. While it's quite similar to It's MY Year (swatches HERE), the base on Rock The World is more reddish brown than It's MY Year's plum. Take a look!

 (Orly Rock The World, two coats plus one topcoat)

The formula on this was perfection. I used two coats. I haven't had a real problem with any of the formulas on the FX polishes; all the more reason to love them! Although Rock Solid (swatches HERE) and Stone Cold (swatches HERE) were kind of topcoat eaters for me, I'm happy to report that's not an issue I encountered with Rock The World.

I personally prefer It's MY Year to Rock The World, but I don't think you can go wrong with either. If you already have one or more of the colors like Rock The World, you probably don't need Rock The World itself, but there's enough difference between Rock The World and some of the other shades like it that I'm glad I own multiple versions.

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