Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Orly Fowl Play

First off, if you missed my earlier post, just a reminder that you can buy the OPI Muppets Collection online RIGHT NOW! Learn more at my post HERE. (For the record, I receive absolutely no promotional credit or anything from this. I just want to share my find with you all!) I ordered two of the polishes earlier today and my order has already shipped!

Anyways, on to your manicure of the day. Fowl Play has become THE polish to have from Orly's Birds of a Feather collection. There was a lot of initial excitement about Fowl Play because it's a dupe of an old, hard-to-find OPI polish, Merry Midnight. Merry Midnight was before my times in terms of polish addiction, but I'm still excited about Fowl Play just because I think it's awesome.

Fowl Play is a dark purple jelly with irridescent flakies. The base reminds me of the color of a grape popsicle. It's definitely opaque enough to wear on its own but you could try out some different layering possibilities. I want to try this over a black or purple creme next time, but for now I just wore it alone. Check it out! You may want to enlarge these to see all the flakie goodness up close!
 (Orly Fowl Play, three coats plus one topcoat)

Finally, I got some sun to take pictures in! I'd been wearing this polish for over two days when I took these shots and as you can see I was starting to get a little tipwear. The formula for Fowl Play was just a touch on the goopy side, but I got the hang of it quickly enough.

I think the Birds of a Feather collection may be an Ulta exclusive, but you can find the collection of Orly's website as well. The Ulta by me is carrying both Birds of a Feather and recently stocked the Mineral FX collection as well, but the Sally stores by me only have Mineral FX. Fowl Play is the most difficult to find in-store of the Birds of a Feather polishes right now (I picked it up early on then came back for Night Owl a while later), but if you only get one polish from Birds of a Feather, make it this one.

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