Sunday, October 16, 2011

China Glaze Let It Snow Preview

Let It Snow is going to be the second of China Glaze's holiday collections this year.You can check out preview pics for their other collection, the Marilyn Monroe-themed Eye Candy 3-D Glitters, HERE

Let It Snow supposed to be in stores around holiday time, but I've already seen the collection pop up on Victoria Nail Supply for purchase. I'm not as excited for Let It Snow as I am for Eye Candy, but I think there are still one or two in here that might catch my eye once I see them in-person. How about you?

(L to R: Velvet Bow, Winter Berry, Ring In The Red, Poinsettia)

(L to R: Twinkle Lights, Champagne Bubbles, Holly-Day, Glittering Garland)

(L to R: Blue Year's Eve, Tinsel Town, Icicle, Snow Globe [re-release])

There are a lot of typical holiday colors in here, but I think this collection is going to have at least a few gems in it. Right now I think I'm feeling Twinkle Lights and Glittering Garland the most, but I'm looking forward to seeing these in-person so I can decide which other ones I like!

Like with other past China Glaze holiday collections, you will also have the option of being these in giftsets with polishes and a little prize. This year the gifts are a wine cork, a necklace and an ornament. Cute! 

See any that you'd like in YOUR stocking this year? :)


  1. Snow globe!! So cool! I know it's not original but I think it might be my favorite. Second would be Twinkle Lights but because I already have party hearty I don't think I need it too.

  2. @Hannah

    I'm thinking of getting Snow Globe to see if I could layer it to make something similar to Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven. But the layering possibilities would be endless! I don't have Party Hearty so I'll prolly snag Twinkle lights, but I could see how you wouldn't need both.


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