Thursday, October 6, 2011

Butter London British Racing Green

I have even more Butter for you today! British Racing Green is a hunter green shimmer. As I mentioned on my previous Butter posts, I am really falling head over heels in love with this brand-and British Racing Green only makes me love Butter all the more!

 (Butter London British Racing Green, two coats plus one topcoat)

This is THE perfect hunter green. My favorite thing about this is that it's dark-toned but still visibly green on the nail, not near-black. This is what I wanted OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow to be more like. The formula on this was spectacular as well. Love, love, love this! I am a sucker for green polishes, especially ones as marvelous as this.

I'm SO glad I snagged this during Ulta's Butter BOGO sale last month. I finally have the perfect dark green shimmer in my collection!

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