Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Grape Going!

Hello everyone! I picked up this polish a while back because it reminds me of the much sought after Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie. (Speaking of which, Rescue Beauty Lounge is re-releasing Scrangie, along with many other discontinued polishes I've been lusting after! MUST. HAVE.) Scrangie has a much lighter base, but Grape Going! is based on a similar idea: metallic purple with blue duochrome shimmer. Also, is anyone else tired of the unnecessary exclamation marks in polish names? But I digress...

Warning: My cuticles look grotesquely dry here and I apologize. These were taken the same day as my Wet N Wild Creepy Pumpkin swatches (HERE) and apparently my hands went through a sander or something that day. Yuck. Just focus on the pretty colors. :)

 (Sally Hansen Grape Going!, three coats plus one topcoat)

It's very unusual for me to encounter a Sally Hansen polish with a bad formula but the formula on this was very runny. I had a lot of trouble with it at first but so long as I made sure to wipe the brush every time I dipped back into the bottle, I eventually got the hang of it. I can't tell if some of the problems I had also stemmed from the Insta Dri brush, which I personally do not like. Grape Going! also took longer to dry than the other Insta Dri polishes I have, which, true to their name, dry almost right away. I would say Grape Going!'s dry time was similar to that of a regular polish though, so nothing unreasonable.

Despite the troublesome formula, I love this and I'm willing to go through a little extra effort to get this baby on my nails. She's so pretty! I'm just a sucker for duochrome. While I'm looking forward to hopefully owning the real Scrangie very soon, this is a nice, cheaper alternative and a beautiful polish in its own right.

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