Monday, October 3, 2011

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

I'm happy to report that I got my new computer today! It's going to make my school life (and blogging) much easier. But to officially close out my time with my old computer, I have some swatches that I retrieved from my old hard drive.

This is China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, a neon matte turquoise. I wore it with topcoat here though because I wanted to bring out the shimmer in this polish. A close friend and fellow polish addict told me I should pick this shade up and I'm so glad I did! Then ANOTHER good friend of mine (and budding polish addict, of course) saw this on me and decided she had to have it to. The cycle continues...

 (China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, three coats plus one topcoat)

This leans MUCH more green in real life than it does in the pictures above, where it appears more blue. This baby just did not want to photograph accurately for me! I can't even count how many shots I took before I decided it just wasn't going to show up right. These pics were taken indoors with flash, which seemed to be the closest I could get to Turned Up Turquoise's actual color. Neons are notoriously hard to photograph, so this may just be one polish you have to see in-person for yourself.

Formula-wise, this was nice for a matte; not overly thick or gummy. I wore this for about a day and a half before I started to get some noticeable tipwear (you can start to see it creeping in on my pointer finger in these shots, which were taken about a day in) and decided to change it up. My friend who's currently wearing this (also with Seche on top) experienced some chipping after about a day.

How do you get your matte polishes to wear longer? Any tips you've tried that you'd want to share?


  1. I think this is really pretty! I wonder what it looks like in person if you say this does not photograph well!

  2. @Alexandra

    Much greener but still SUPER bright. Neons are so hard to get good pics of, but I love this!


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