Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Butter London Victoriana

I've really been loving Butter London lately. I took advantage of the BOGO sale Ulta had for the brand a few weeks back and picked up four new polishes. Victoriana is one of them. Let me just say, I really love the Brit-themed names Butter gives their polishes. I showed you No More Waity, Katie already, named for Kate Middleton (swatches HERE) and then this polish, of course, is named for Queen Victoria.

Victoriana an antiqued teal with silver glitter. I'm not sure if this will make sense to anyone else but mentally I want to call this color tapestry teal, like the shades of blue you see in old tapestries at palaces; very ornate-looking.

(Butter London Victoriana, two coats plus one topcoat)

The formula on this is stellar, as I've come to expect from Butter. I wore this for just over two days with nary a chip or sign of tipwear. The silver glitter in this has a nice shine without being too loud or overshadowing the blue base. I think there's something kind of sophisticated about this. I have pale, cool-toned skin but I could see this looking sharp on darker skin types as well.

I kind of grabbed this on a whim during the Ulta BOGO sale, because I had three polishes I really wanted and couldn't pick a fourth. It eventually came down to this one and Marrow for me and I'm pretty sure I made the right choice. I own more blues than any other polish color, so I guess I'm just naturally drawn to them!

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