Monday, October 17, 2011

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow

With Halloween around the corner, there are plenty of spooky-themed polishes hitting the shelves. It seems like pretty much every major brand has their own take on glow in the dark polish, but I've only got one: Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow. You can find these at the grocery/drugstore for around two bucks. Who can resist the adorable bottle?

It doesn't really look like much of anything on the nail with the lights on; it just gave my base polish a bit of a yellowy cast to it. But these polishes are more novelties than something you'd wear every day. I layered three coats of Night Glow over two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, since white is supposed to help make the glow brighter. White On makes for a pretty good layering polish; nothing special, just your standard white creme with good coverage. I think this combo might make a cute idea for a pedicure though.

As you can probably imagine, getting a picture of this in the dark was next to impossible. The glow on this polish is visible, but it's not blazing or anything like that; much more subtle. I had to get the set up just right to even get it to show up on-camera but it's easier to see in real life, although as I said, it's on the faint side. As tends to be the case with these glow in the dark polishes, the bottle glows much more than the nail ever will. I tried for about an hour and this is seriously the best picture of it I could get in the dark. You will probably have to enlarge to really see my nails at all.

Not exactly award-winning photography, I know. I debated posting this picture since it's pretty much useless, but I felt the post was kind of incomplete without it. You'll just have to take my word for it that this does glow, my aging camera just didn't want to cooperate.

So is this polish worth your two bucks? Eh, if you want something to wear to a Halloween party for a night, sure, it's a neat little novelty. Try it out if you're curious; your friends will probably get a kick out of it. I'm glad I have one glow in the dark polish in my ever-growing collection, but I don't think Night Glow is something you absolutely need to have. If I spent more money on it, I probably would've been bummed, but I think I can get two dollars' worth of amusement out of it.

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