Friday, September 16, 2011

Revlon Starry Pink

I've finally got the last of the Revlon Expressionist glitters for you today! You can view my swatches of the other two, Blue Mosaic and Facets of Fuschia, HERE.

While I opted to layer Blue Mosaic over black just for fun, Starry Pink is really the one that NEEDS layering. The base of Starry Pink is very sheer on its own and having worn it once already alone, I can honestly say I didn't care for it as much without a stronger color underneath. Milky neutrals aren't really my thing and I thought it looked kind of goopy alone.

So for these swatches, I put one coat of Starry Pink over two coats of Essie French Affair, a baby pink creme. I think it turned out pretty nicely! Sorry for the messy edges. I ruined this whole manicure by accidentally hitting my hand against a door so I re-did it kind of quickly to fix the major dents and smudges.

The formula of Starry Pink is a little on the watery side. It makes for a fun layering polish and the base is sheer enough that you could probably put it over a variety of colors. But I honestly think this is my least favorite of the new Revlons. Overall though, I like the Expressionist glitters a lot and I hope Revlon follows through with similar glitters in the future!

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