Monday, September 12, 2011

Orly Rock Solid

Yesterday I showed you Stone Cold, a sweet new blue shade from Orly's latest line, Mineral FX. So today I thought I'd continue the trend by showing you another Mineral FX beauty, Rock Solid. Rock Solid is a silver polish with specks of holographic glitter. It has the intense shine of a foil but the texture of Rock Solid's finish is completely different and quite unique; click to enlarge these pictures to get a better idea of what I mean.

 (Orly Rock Solid, two coats plus one topcoat)

Like Stone Cold, Rock Solid is a major topcoat eater. I only used one coat of OPI Topcoat here but I could've definitely used two to help conceal the grittier texture these FX polishes have when dry. As far as the formula goes though, I have no complaints.

As you can tell by how many pictures I took of this one, I really, really like it! I was very happy with how well the holographic glitter shows up on the actual nail and not just in the bottle. I'd be interested to see how Rock Solid stacks up against Chanel Graphite. While I don't think they would be dupes, I get the feeling that they would have some similarities.


  1. I like this color a lot but usually I steer pretty clear of sparkels because they are so hard to get off and they destroy your nails. I had a bright pink sparkle once that was so intense but it just was not worth it.

  2. The Orly Mineral FX ones are probably harder to remove than normal polishes but not as bad as full-on glitters, imo. I totally shared your pain for removing glitter polish until I started using the foil method! Have you tried it?

    It sounds like a hassle but it's SO MUCH easier than trying to remove glitter normally! You can use cotton rounds like I did here or cotton balls work equally well. Glitter is still hard on your nails but I can't resist! :)


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