Thursday, September 29, 2011

OPI Navy Shatter

So I thought I was all shattered/crackled/textured/crackled out, but then I started seeing lots of pretty combinations with OPI Navy Shatter and I decided to give it a try. I only have a few other shatters, but it seems like they are EVERYWHERE lately!

For my silver base, I used Sally Hansen Celeb City, which I wore yesterday (and you can see swatches of it alone HERE). I saw this silver/navy combo on some other blogs and it is what made me finally decide I wanted this shatter. Now that I have it, I'm really glad I got it. These two are so pretty together! The navy is just the right shade; deep and rich but still visibly blue rather than black-toned. I think this looks really sharp on the nail and you could layer it with just about anything.

The formula isn't as thick as OPI Black Shatter, which is amazing but tends to get a little gunky. I also like that when you use Navy Shatter, a little bit of the base color peaks through from underneath the colored shatter pieces. This isn't a jelly-esque shatter like OPI Red Shatter, however.

I'm a bit surprised at just how much I like this! I've also seen some nice pairings of Navy Shatter with OPI Teenage Dream and some neon yellow polishes, so I may have to try those out in the future as well.

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