Sunday, September 4, 2011

OPI The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away is a berry shimmer from the OPI Katy Perry collection. (I may or may not be a closet Katy Perry fan...) I like the mix of vamp and sparkle with this polish. In the bottle it looks like it might have some duochrome to it, but it doesn't translate onto the nail, sadly. However, this polish does have a "lit from within" look to it; it practically glows on the nail!

 (OPI The One That Got Away, three coats plus one topcoat)

And a few indoor shots...

I used three coats here and had no problems with the formula. This is one of the polishes I'm less crazy about from the Katy Perry collection, but I still like it quite a bit and it's very pretty. (My favorites from that set have to be Teenage Dream, a pink glitter which I absolutely LOVE and Not Like the Movies, a silver duochrome.) I don't have a lot of berry polishes-not really my thing I guess-but when I want to wear one, this is the one I always reach for.


  1. I really like this one but it stained my nails badly...

  2. I don't think I had any staining problems. Hmmm... Isn't it funny how sometimes a polish stains for one wearer and not another? Definitely a beautiful shade though!

  3. Funny I didn't like this color until I saw it on your nails. :-)


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