Friday, August 12, 2011

Sally Hansen Barracuda

Yesterday I showed you Peridot, my one Chanel polish. But today I'm going to show you Sally Hansen Barracuda, an apparent dupe for another Chanel polish, Riva. 
Chanel Riva
Sally Hansen Barracuda

Although I don't have Riva in my collection for you to look at, from other pictures I've seen and the bottle shots above, these two shades are very similar. Barracuda might have a hint more green to it than Riva does, but overall, this polish is a great way to get this color for less ($6 for Sally Hansen vs. $25 for Chanel).

 Sally Hansen Barracuda (two coats, plus one topcoat)

The formula on this was nice and manageable-maybe the teeny tiniest bit bit thick but that also makes it quite opaque for a pastel shade, which I'd say is a decent trade-off. While I like Sally Hansen formulas, the brushes are not my favorite to use. They've got a more tapered shape than ones like the OPI Pro Wide (my favorite!) and I just find the Sally Hansen brushes a bit harder to manage. But it's more a matter of personal preference rather than anything being "wrong" with the Sally Hansen brush.

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