Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint

Since some of the little chips in Zoya Phoebe were starting to drive me crazy, I figured it was time to switch it up. I kind of forgot I had this polish until a few days ago, but having re-discovered it now, I'm really happy with this one. Mint Sprint is a mint green creme, as the name implies, but it's also got a hint of teal to it. It maybe looks a bit more blue-toned here than it does in real life.

 (Sally Hansen Mint Sprint, two coats)

This is pretty much opaque with one coat, but I used two here just because I'm OCD like that. The formula on this is absolutely perfect. I didn't use topcoat for this one because it has enough shine to it on its own and it dries VERY quickly. It holds true to the Insta-Dry name; I waited maybe 30 seconds and then got on with my day without any chips or dents. Awesome! I find that Sally Hansen polishes in general rarely have poor formula.

However, as I also mentioned when I posted about Barracuda, I know a lot of people have a love it or hate it attitude about the Sally Hansen brushes and I am definitely in the latter category. It's not a bad brush necessarily, it's just...weird. The tip is smaller and thicker than most polish brushes and it's simply not a shape I really like working with, but chalk that up to personal taste. It doesn't make me like this polish any less though. :)

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