Sunday, August 14, 2011

Milani FX Gems

I like just about anything sparkly, so of course I love a good glitter polish. Milani FX Gems is probably best known for looking extremely similar to Happy Birthday, a polish from the queen of glitter, Deborah Lippmann. It was a bit overcast outside today, but this polish really comes alive in bright light! Feel free to click on the pics so you can see the glitter better!

Milani FX Gems (two coats, plus one topcoat)

I've included a close-up so you can see all the different colors and shapes of glitter in this polish. Since some of the glitter in the Milani is shaped differently than the Deborah Lippmann, I wouldn't say it is the EXACT same as Happy Birthday (which I will try to show you sometime soon), but they are close enough to be considered dupes and honestly, I don't think anyone could tell the difference without a side-by-side photo.

I used two coats here but you can definitely add on more glitter or layer this over another polish if you like. The formula on this was good, although sometimes I had a little trouble getting a few pieces of glitter to lie totally flat on my nail. A topcoat is also pretty much essential with this polish in order to help smooth out the gritty texture of the glitter.

You can most likely find Milani at your local grocery store. I got mine from Meijer for around $4.

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