Monday, August 8, 2011

OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise

Today I have for you a polish from the OPI Texas collection: Austin-tatious Turquoise.

In the bottle, this shade looks pretty impressive. There's a flash of pink glitter mixed in with the blue shimmer to give it almost an irridescent quality. However, the pink sparkle is so subtle that it's all but lost on the nail. Sometimes I caught a glimpse of it from certain angles but otherwise it wasn't visible on my nails. It's not a bad color by any means; just not as unique-looking on the nail as in the bottle.

But something that IS bad about this color? THE FORMULA. This manicure took me four coats-five on some nails. I'd read other reviews saying this polish was a sheer, runny mess, so I left it off my must-have list from the Texas collection at first. But when I saw it sparkling there on the store shelf, I just had to have it. Unfortunately this really is a pain to put on; nothing like OPI's usual formulas. I still like the color-and got some compliments on it-but the hassle it takes to put it on will probably keep me from reaching for this polish too often.

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