Saturday, August 20, 2011

OPI Steady As She Rose

How do I describe this color? The name is definitely misleading; it's not rose-toned at all. I'd say it's either a very washed out lavender or a greyed out pink. I guess I'll just let the pictures do the talking so you can decide for yourself!

Formula on this is great; no complaints. I used three coats for the photos above. The color is definitely on the more neutral-toned side for me, since I tend to like polishes that are richly colored. I'd also be interested in seeing this color on someone who is less pale than I am; I think it's weirdly close to my skin color somehow. But overall I like this. I wanted to wear a polish that wouldn't show a lot of dents or chips since my hands will likely get beat to hell tomorrow when I move into my new apartment.

If you like the murkiness of Steady As She Rose but want a more punched-up color, try OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, which is also from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

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