Monday, August 15, 2011

OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It

For my very first post on this blog, I showed you a polish from OPI's Texas collection: Austin-Tatious Turquoise, a color I liked with a formula I did not. Well today I have another polish for you from the Texas collection: It's Totally Fort Worth It.

This is a pale grey shimmer, but it also has some pink glitter, which is very subtle on the nail; you probably can't see it below unless you click to enlarge.

The formula on this is a little on the runny side, but after the first coat, I got the hang of it. The polish is also quite sheer; the pictures above are four coats. But it's a nice color if you want some sparkle without looking too loud.

Also-and I have to mention it just because this association is so strong in my mind for some reason-this color makes me think of a satin Old Hollywood gown, like maybe something Mae West would have worn. Don't ask me why that's what I think of or what Mae West has to do with Texas (She was from Brooklyn) but that's just naturally what my mind went to.

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