Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chanel Peridot

Today I have something very special for you! It's the only Chanel polish in my collection: the much-talked about Peridot. Definitely click to enlarge the pics so you can see her in all her glory!

It's very hard to capture this shade with a camera, because the color and sparkle change dramatically depending on the light. I would say the first picture is the most accurate for how Peridot looks most of the time, but it can flash gold, green and even some teal if you look at it from different angles and in different lighting. I know some people have compared it to the effect on beetle wings or fly eyes and I think that's probably as close a metaphor as I can come up with. Don't let the insect vibe creep you out though! This is a STUNNER!

Here's a comparison of indoors vs. outdoors:

Peridot is a truly unique polish and is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites. I can't think of another shade out there like this one. But being Chanel, it doesn't come cheap: $25 per bottle. As much as I love Peridot, I'm not quite sure if I would have been willing to pick this up at full price. (I work at a department store so I used my employee discount to pick this beauty up.)

However, if you feel the need to treat yourself-even just this once!-to a really special polish, Peridot may be for you. My pictures don't do justice to how rich-looking this is on the nail.

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