Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ke$ha-Inspired Evil Eye Nails

The decor of my boyfriend and I's apartment is fairly eclectic, especially the living room. Our walls are a mish-mash of random stuff we like, from a vintage Billy Joel poster to signed comic books to a picture of Catherine Palace in Russia that's made entirely out of thread. There's really no rhyme or reason to it but I dig it. One of the things we have up is an evil eye that hangs over the front door. A friend of ours who lives in Turkey brought it back as a gift. Fun fact: Evil eye in Turkish is "nazar."

Anywho, I was looking at it the other day when I thought it might be fun to try an evil eye mani. I went looking for inspiration and came across this interpretation of it worn by Ke$ha (this is the one and only time I will conceed to typing the $):

I liked the design and the colors, so I figured I'd give it a go. I opted out of the fake eyelashes though, 'cause they strike me as kinda impractical...and a lil' creepy. So here's how my version turned out!

Base: Deborah Lippmann Let It Bleed
White: Illamasqua Scorch
Iris: China Glaze Bahamian Escape
Pupil: Sally Hansen Black Out

I freehanded the eye using a striper brush and a dotting tool. Kesha wears her nails more rounded at the tips than mine, so I had to adapt the shape of the eyeball a bit to make it work for my squoval-shaped nails. Getting that shape right was the hardest part. It didn't come out perfectly, but I had fun with it! :)


  1. Hehe that looks so cool! Amazing :-)

  2. Looks really cool! Reminds me of the Real Housewives of Orange County and their arguments about the Evil Eye!


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