Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Milani Holographic HD

I have only ever seen Milani's Holographic line at CVS and those stores are few and far between where I live. (Is it exclusive to CVS? If you know, please enlighten me in the comments!) So of course I was thrilled to find some Milani Holographic polishes in my latest nail mail from the always wonderful Amanda! I was looking for a good silver to serve as a base for my Lumina Lacquer Candy Cane Lane manicure a while back, so HD, a scattered silver holo, wound up being the Milani Holographic I reached for first.

The holo effect on this polish is on the subtle end of the spectrum. You get a gorgeous glimmer of it when the light hits your nails the right way, but it's definitely more of a soft glow that peaks out here and there than a full-on rainbow.

HD applied smoothly but it is pretty darn sheer. Even after four coats, I could still see some nail peeking through. Topcoat visibly diminished the intensity of the holo, so you'll probably want to skip it.

I'm more of a linear holo kind o' gal, so while HD won't be dethroning Color Club Harp On It as my all-time favorite silver holo, I do really like the dimension HD has. When you look closely, you can see the different sizes of holographic sparkles, which gives this polish a unique look, almost like there are teeny-tiny holographic flakies floating around in the base. I know I didn't do the best job of explaining how it looks, but hopefully you get some idea of what I mean. I can't think of another holo out there that has this same kind of effect!


  1. This, along with the rest of the collection, were the first holos I ever bought. I love them even if the holo effect isn't super strong. My favorite is the purple and the green one.

    1. That's awesome! The "3D" texture aspect of them is so interesting that I kinda don't mind that the holo isn't the most intense. I have this one and the blue one, at present. :) My first holo was DS Coronation--still the only DS polish I own too.

  2. This is beautiful! I remember my sister picking this one up at CVS also...I don't know where else they carry this line...


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