Saturday, August 1, 2015

Essie Virgin Snow (Winter 2015) Preview

I've got some preview shots of Essie's upcoming winter collection to share tonight! All of Essie's collections share a name with one of the polishes and it looks like this one will be called "Virgin Snow." In addition to Virgin Snow itself, there'll be five other new polishes. Let's take a look!


Well this is pretty underwhelming, huh? Essie has had some amazing collections this year, so this one strikes me as sort of "low effort" by comparison. But last year Essie had several wintertime releases, so hopefully this is just a first taste!

I'm not sure of an exact release date, but judging by past years, I'd say mid-October is a safe guess.


  1. Yeah, this collection is very been there, done that. Even so, I am such a sucker for pastel pink polishes that Peak Show immediately caught my attention. I probably have a gazillion dupes of that color! No, No, No - I will Not get this one!!

    1. Hahaha, I have the same internal debate with myself over just about every new blue-green polish that comes out!


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