Friday, August 14, 2015

Orly Cake Pop

I was able to pick up this pretty porcelain creme on clearance for just 75 cents! It reminds me of a creamier version of one of my all-time favorite palette cleanser shades, Essie Ballet Slippers. It's got that same slightly pink lean to it. Plus the name is super cute!

The formula had a very nice consistency but went on fairly patchy. Most of my nails needed four coats to look completely even.

Although the formula wasn't a home run with me, I do love the color. It looks so crisp and clean on the nails.


  1. I love white polish on nails but sometimes I want just a hint of color - and pink is one of my favorites. This polish fulfilled my wish for that type of polish - I didn't even think about it being so close to Ballet Slippers, which I also have. I wore this polish so long ago I can't even remember how it went on! I would wear it more often but there is that never-ending gaggle of untrieds waiting for me.... Thank you for reminding me of it and sharing!

    1. I too am a fan of near-whites! And I totally relate on having a massive amount of untrieds that keep you from revisiting perennial favorites more often! :)


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