Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: Dr.'s Remedy Nails And Skin Vitamins

Last week, I showed you all some polishes from the brand Dr's Remedy and today, I've got something else to share with you from them that's a little different from what I normally talk about here on Nailed: nails and skin vitamins! I'm always looking for ways to improve my nail care routine, so I was really excited to try these! I'm sure most of us have heard biotin touted as great supplement for brittle nails and hair. These daily vitamins have not only 1000% of the daily recommended value of biotin, but a ton of other potentially skin and nail-aiding ingredients.

Before we get started, I want to note that obviously, I'm not a doctor or medical professional, so you should talk to yours before you start this or any other type of multivitamin regiment to make sure it's right for you and your body. We all have different needs and reactions when it comes to supplements. This review is just me sharing my personal experience. Your individual results may vary. Okay? Okay! :)

That being said, let's get to it! Here's a complete list of everything you get in these tablets:

So as you can see, you get a ton of potentially beneficial ingredients here other than just biotin. Of course the best way to get these ingredients into your system is through a healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies, but a good multivitamin can certainly help fill in the gaps with what you're not getting in your regular diet.

Let's walk through a quick "highlight reel" of some of the ingredients here. You've got Vitamins C, E and Selenium, which can help protect your skin against sun damage. Vitamin C is also said to help fight against hair loss and assist in skin's collagen production. Vitamin A helps repair tissue damage and is a recognized anti-aging nutrient. B vitamins help with circulation, to ensure your skin tissues are receiving enough oxygen. They are believed to help prevent acne, as well as impart skin with a healthy glow. 

Each bottle contains 90 pills and retails for $20. As an aside, the packaging is really professional. I like that the bottle came safety-sealed, with both a plastic wrap around the outer cap as well as a protective cover over the actual bottle opening.

The instructions say to take 3 per day, preferably with meals. I'm bad about remembering to take pills, so I just take all three at once each day. They're standard-sized tablets, so it's not like they're huge horse pills that are difficult to swallow. They have an herbal scent, but no discernible taste going down.

When I started taking these, my boyfriend asked how quickly I would see results and I told him that I honestly I had no idea. So I was shocked when I saw some positive changes after only a few days! The first thing I noticed was that my complexion seemed visibly brighter. It looked healthy and a little more radiant than it normally does. I'm not sure it's dramatic enough that anyone else would notice it, but I saw a difference, so that counts for something! :)

My nails weren't exactly unhealthy to begin with, so if you're trying to come back from a fungus or particularly damaged nails, it might take you longer to notice any results.  But my nails felt thicker and stronger after a week or so. I tend to fidget with my nails a lot when my hands are idle. Lately I've been keeping them pretty long and I've noticed that when I press down on my nails, they don't flex as much as they did before, if that makes sense. 

As I've mentioned on here a couple times, I'm in the middle of a big move. There were countless times during the move-out process when I'd hit my hand on something or get it caught. Instantly I'd think, "Ugh, there goes my long nails!" But then I'd look down and even if my manicure hadn't always made it through the scuffle, my nails themselves were no worse for wear! I honestly think that's a direct result of the biotin. 

In addition to feeling stronger, my nails also look better. We've all got that one problem nail, right? For me, that's my right index finger. It's gotten a lot healthier now that I stick to a daily routine of using nail cream, but it still likes to peel or flake every now and then. After I started taking these biotin pills, all of my nails--including my little problem child--are smoother and more hydrated.

Overall, I was super happy with the results I saw! There really isn't anything I didn't like, except that eventually I'm going to run out! When I do, I could easily see myself purchasing another bottle.

You can purchase these vitamins from Dr.'s Remedy's website.

Disclosure: This product was sent for my honest review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. Nice review! I've never taken vitamins for anything but I've always been interested in trying them out.

    1. Thanks Lisa! Same here. I have always wanted to try some out and I'm happy I liked these so much!


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