Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter

Pinky Glitter: a hum-drum name for a pretty awesome polish. Pinky Glitter has a sheer light pink base packed with small and medium iridescent glitters. It makes for a very pretty, dainty-looking manicure. Couldn't you see a cartoon princess wearing something like this?

The only drawback to Pinky Glitter is how sheer it is. I think this is intended to be a layering polish, as it takes four coats on its own to reach semi-opacity. But at least it has a nice consistency to it, so build up, while time-consuming, isn't a complete ass-ache.

Pinky Glitter instantly became one of my all-time favorite Sinful Colors shades, so shout-out to Amanda for sending it my way! I'd love to try this over a neon pink next time I wear it.


  1. I have seen this layered over a medium pink and it was very pretty. The polish itself is lovely!


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