Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review: Pedi Princess Flip Flops

This is one of those ideas you can file under "how-has-no-one-thought-of-this-already": flip flops with toe dividers built in! I'm a pretty tidy painter on my fingernails, but I'm considerably more sloppy on my toes--don't have as much practice, I guess--so anything that makes application easier and keeps me from smearing my pedi is something I want to try! These would be perfect for bringing to the salon too!

Pedi Princess offers these flip-flops in a ton of different designs. A lot of them are blinged out or have fun little accents on them, like flowers. I decided to give these lime leopard print ones a try. I like that they're a little saucy-looking. ;)

They feel very sturdy--definitely better than the cheap, flimsy pairs they give you at the salon! Plus they're re-usable. Once you're done wearing them, the flip-flops come with a small plastic tote so that you can stash them away at home or keep them in the car between salon visits.

Here's how they look on, with a freshly applied Butter London Jaffa pedi! WARNING: FEET! JUST SAYIN'.

They're very comfortable to wear and do a really good job of keeping your toes separated, both during application and walking around afterwards.  I loved being able to cook dinner and walk around my apartment without having to worry that my pedi was going to get smeared or dented.

I decided to see how long I could wear these without the toe dividers starting to bug me and it was almost 90 minutes until I felt like I should take them off, which was more than ample drying time for my pedicure. I highly recommend these and will be using them with all of my future pedicures!

You can purchase Pedi Princess flip-flops through their website. Hit them up on Facebook and Instagram if you want to learn more and see some additional pics.

Last but certainly not least, Pedi Princess is offering 20% off to Nailed readers with the code CHELSEA20. If you pick up a pair (or already own one), I'd love to hear what you think!

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