Saturday, January 7, 2012

Essie Hot Coco

Essie Hot Coco was a gift from the generous Rach of stuff i (s)watched! I hardly ever fall in love with a brown polish but when I first saw this on her blog, I thought it just looked so cute. The color just feels very cozy to me; maybe it's the name. Hot Coco is more of a taupe than a true brown, but it still really looks a lot like its namesake. I've worn this polish twice since Rach gave it to me and every time I feel the overwhelming need to drink hot chocolate, so use this polish with caution! ;)

The first coat of Hot Coco was pretty streaky but it began to even out from there. I wound up using three coats in all. I think the fact that this polish is on the taupe-y side actually makes it much more flattering on me than a regular brown. I only own one true brown creme (OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, which I got mainly for the name because I too love cowboys) because I'm not really crazy about most browns with my skintone. But I wound up really loving Hot Coco, so maybe it's good to be pushed outside of your comfort zone sometimes!

Hot Coco was released as part of the A Winter's Tale Collection and isn't a part of Essie's core retail line, but you can still find it online. However, from pictures I've seen, Mink Muffs (which is in the core retail selection) seems to be pretty close, so that's a possible alternative if you like Hot Coco. Hot Coco actually reminds me quite a bit of Chanel Particuliere (which I don't actually own) as well, although Hot Coco may be a touch more brown.

Is there a polish color you generally will not wear? What are some of your favorite browns/taupes?


  1. Hot Coco was a little warmer and less grey in tone than Particuliere, which is probably why it didn't work for me! But it looks amazeballs on you, and I'm so glad you love it!!!

  2. That is a nice brown..I want some hot chocolate now! Very pretty on you! As far as colors I won't wear...oranges and yellows...I Just can't pull them off. I don't have a favorite brown or taupe yet.

  3. I own this and I really like it. It looks like I dipped my nails into Milk Chocolate! Love it.

  4. I love Hot Cocoa, it looks lovely on you! I don't often wear browns anymore, but I was given OPI You Don't Know Jacques, for Christmas and I really like it.

  5. this looks amazing on you!! love it. and now i want hot chocolate...

  6. This really does look like hot chocolate!! I like this! :D

  7. This looks great on you. One of my favorite browns is Chocolate Factory by Aldo. It's much darker, but it reminds me of chocolate, one of my favorite things ;0).

  8. I literally stopped in my tracks seeing this swatch. I like brown polish but I've never been stunned by a brown creme before; this is milk chocolate at it's finest. Personally, my favorite browns are China Glaze Ingrid, L'oreal Owl's Night, and Essie Mocachino. This reminds me of a lighter Sally Hansen Touch of Mink though.

  9. I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award. :D

  10. @Rach: Thank you so much for sending it to me! <3 I really do love it!

    @Polish and Charms: Thanks! I agree, I don't wear orange or yellow very often either. I'm just not sure I can pull most of them off.

    @Nory: It seriously looks just like hot chocolate--that's why I love it too!

    @Anne: Thank you! I like You Don't Know Jacques a lot as well. It's my go-to taupe.

    @Sarah: Thanks! See, it's a dangerous polish! :)

    @Ashesela: Thank you for the award! :) I will totally check it out.

    @MariJo: Thanks! You can never go wrong with something that reminds you of chocolate. :)

    @Amanda: Thank you, I'm glad you like it so much! I have Owl's Night and Mochacino--I'm not sure how flattering Owl's Night is on me but I love Mochacino. I really want to get Ingrid at some point.


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