Monday, January 23, 2012

Wet N Wild Spoiled Preview

Wet N Wild has a new CVS-exclusive line out called Spoiled, featuring 72 colors--and some of the most WTF-worthy polish names ever haha. Some are new colors while others appear to be re-releases of some limited edition Wet N Wild polishes. In particular, I spotted a few polishes originally from last year's notoriusly hard-to-find On The Prowl Collection. (Cougar Attack, Correction Tape--now known as Trust Fund Baby, etc.) These are available at both CVS stores and the CVS website for $1.99 each.

I haven't seen these in person yet but for such a good price, I'd like to check these out sometime! Here's a look at all 72 colors. Click to enlarge so you can get a closer look...and of course read the questionable names. I can't decide if the names are funny in a trashy way or just plain trashy. I mean, "Use Protection"? Really, Wet N Wild?

Have you seen any of these at your local CVS yet? How do you feel about some of the names?


  1. I can't wait to see them in person! They price is totally on point.

  2. @Nory: Definitely loving the price! You really can't go wrong at $1.99.

  3. Aw, they have some really cool ones in here!! I like the chunky glitters! Too bad we don't have any CVS in Canada. :(

  4. Are Mermaids Real? is catching my eye. Love the color.

    But some of those names, really?!

  5. Some of the colors are really cool and the prices are great. I mostly want the glitters and a few others. The names are pretty out there though!

  6. I got shuffle the deck and jewelry heist! I think those names are perfect, but some are so terrible..
    I really want trust fund baby, but there are some that I haven't seen at the 2 CVS's I tried. I don't know why, but it seems like each store carries a different set of shades..

  7. @Ashesela: The only CVS over by where I go to school is super far away so I feel your pain. :( I'm hoping to snag some of these next time I go home though! I hope there are at least some cool Canada-only brands that we don't get here that you get to enjoy!

    @iggystar: I saw a swatch of that one somewhere the other day and it looks really pretty! And yes, the names are...unique, to say the least.

    @Melissa: I definitely want some of the glitters, particularly the On The Prowl re-packages. Some of the polishes I just want for the novelty value of the names haha.

    @Cindy-y: Hmmm, I'd imagine since there's so many in the core collection for these that each store picks a handful to carry, but that's frustrating that you can't find them all in one place! I haven't seen these in person yet, myself.

    1. Love the versatility of the Collection, gonna pick up a few colours to add to my private Stash. : ) I'll check out the names when my head isn't so stuf't up with this massive Head Cold I have...hard to focus when you're hopped up on cold meds. :/

  8. @Erin Does Nails: I'm loving the versatility as well--72 shades means something for everyon! The names may make you feel sick all over again though hahaha.

  9. I've actually read these names out loud to all of my roommates...can't get over the ridiculousness. My Silicone Popped? 2 Weeks Sober? I Only Eat Salads? Who thought those names were a good idea? It may actually be a good marketing tool though, I may end up buying some for my friends just to make them laugh haha

  10. @Marlee: I definitely see your point. As out there as the names are, they at least get people buzzing about the brand and I think a lot of nail polish buffs would be willing to buy some of the more uniquely named ones just for fun.

  11. I live in Spruce Pine, North Carolina and our CVS has all 72 colors... Surprising since it's a really small little town. Personally I love the wild names, reminds me of some of the Urban Decay color names, I have several of these, Trust Fund Baby, Are Mermaids Real?, Shrimp on the Barbie, Jewelry Heist, Shuffle the Deck, Distant Memory, Checkin' Into Rehab, etc. I love all the ones I've tried :)


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